Israel 75: A beautiful example of coming together in community.

On our campus, Israelis, North American Jews, interested community members, the secular-minded, and the religiously inclined joined together to mourn as part of our first Havdalah ceremony and transition together to celebrate for Yom Ha’atzmaut. It was heartening to be a part of this powerful collaboration between so many exceptional community leaders and organizations.

“The whole day felt so genuine...and this type of work is needed.” -Parent Participant

A sentiment expressed by one of the parents at our Fun & Sports with Family event, welcoming over 200 guests from all over the Bay Area for a fun day of play designed for children with special needs and their families.

"This space has saved my life. Literally. I can’t imagine not being able to come here and connect with these other mamas about this season of motherhood.” -Parent Participant

From Babies & Bagels and Music Together, to Parenting Education Courses – the Jewish Silicon Valley Family Center  has transformed into a home away from home for new parents.

Over 200 teens from various community groups gathered for live music and fun.

After the event, parents reached out thanking the Jewish Silicon Valley  team for hosting such an amazing event that their kids loved – many of them asking “When is the next one?”

The September 2023 Challah Bake burst with energy from over 150 multi-generational bakers.

One of the first large-scale in-person events since the pandemic. Joyful laughter and flour smudges on aprons and faces were positive signs  of the energy and community  to come from Jewish Silicon Valley throughout the year.

"I am in Poland. Working with Ukrainian children. It’s very difficult work. Not because I worked with children for 8.5 hours nonstop, but because the stories of those children are heart touching...”

Rabbi Ilana Baird, Director of Jewish Silicon Valley’s Russian Speaking Jewish community, sharing her experiences in Poland as a volunteer to families who were victims of the war.

Healthy Aging: New Friendships & Strong Connections

“I have made new friends and feel much more connected to our community. We have enjoyed luncheons together, seen a couple of us through surgeries and provided support. A couple of us meet for a walk or other activities. It’s a real mitzvah for all of us. Thank you for organizing all these programs!” -Progrm Participant

"While reflecting on one of humanity’s greatest atrocities, we recognize Jewish Silicon Valley as a vibrant organization whose programs, initiatives, and events create a powerful community connection.”

Words from State Assembly Member, Gail Pellerin at a  multi-day event consisting of two city and county proclamations centering around the voices of Holocaust Survivors.  Efforts included a successful  first-ever live press  event at San Jose City Hall hosted by Council Member David Cohen.

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