International Holocaust Remembrance Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

“Why would we ever want to keep what happened in that place? In that dark time? We keep it as a reminder, a warning, an amulet.”
Chief Assistant District Attorney Jay Boyarsky

A multi day event comprised of:

    • Two Proclamations (one at San Jose City Hall and one at the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors).
    • All events centered the voices of survivors. We heard from multiple Holocaust Survivor Speakers including First, Second and Third Generation speakers
    • An exhibit on loan from LA Holocaust Museum on the Kindertransport that was displayed for a week in San Jose City Hall
    • A live press event at San Jose City Hall hosted by Council Member David Cohen. 

This was a first time partnership with CM David Cohen’s office and it was very successful. His office is looking forward to partnering with JSV on next year’s event. 

Several community members attended each of the events and commented on the importance of Holocaust Remembrance.

While reflecting on one of humanity’s greatest atrocities, we recognize Jewish Silicon Valley as a vibrant organization whose programs, initiatives, and events create a powerful community connection.”

State Assembly Member Gale Pellerin