Learning Growing Thriving and Reflecting with Healthy Aging

Learning, Growing, Thriving, and Reflecting with Healthy Aging

Take a moment to reflect with us on the incredible journey we’ve had with our Healthy Aging community. As we look back, we also eagerly anticipate the exciting programs and events that lie ahead. 

Building New Friendships and Strong Connections ...

The clicking of tiles ...

With the addition of about 50 new students each year, our Mahjong classes and free play continues to flourish.

Swinging and Swaying with LGS Big Band ...

Amidst the harmonious melodies of our annual Big Band event there were 140 participants swinging, dancing and swaying to the LGS Big Band.

Minds meet and ideas flow ...

In our Current Events discussion group we navigate the complexities of the world around us and engage in various discussions; welcoming every opinion, and offering a safe space.

And many other classes, lectures, and celebrations!

Creative Writing Class Testimonials

While I was initially hesitant to take a class via Zoom, it turned out to be Godsend! I have made new friends and feel much more connected to our community. We have enjoyed luncheons together, seen a couple of us thru surgeries and for support. A couple of us meet for a walk or other activities. It’s a real mitzvah for all of us. Thank you for organizing all these programs! – Joyce A

I did two things that were transformative for me: I joined the Recovery Cafe of San Jose and I joined the JCC creative writing group.

The group presented a safe place for me to start sharing my story. I wrote for the first time about the experiences I had and the lessons I learned from going through my mental illness. I did this, in large part because of the welcoming nature and safety of the group. I have also seen the effect my sharing with the group has had on other members, giving them the courage to share their sometimes difficult stories as well.

Finally, I feel grateful to be able to call each member of the writing group a friend and part of my community that supports me as I move forward.

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