Message From Leadership

As community members process their pandemic experiences, strive to rebuild relationships, and begin to re-enter shared physical spaces, the work of Jewish Silicon Valley feels more relevant and vital than ever.

Collaborating To Create Collective Solutions

We serve as a collaborative resource and partner to address the common challenges facing the Jewish community, and to design collective solutions, which we believe is key to co-creating a stronger Jewish future.

Meaningful Connections Rooted in Jewish Values

We are forging new collaborations to connect, support, and advocate for the Jewish community in Silicon Valley. And, we are helping all who seek connection join in ethically driven, values-based communities and construct meaning in their lives, informed by Jewish frameworks.

Leading with Energy and Allyship

From new faces and voices, to long-time  dedication and passion – Our diverse community of staff, volunteers and board members stands united in purpose.


"The dedication and passion demonstrated by our volunteers, committees, and teams have been nothing short of inspiring. Your unwavering commitment to fostering and shaping a vibrant Jewish future has truly set us on a remarkable path. As new challenges and opportunities arise, I am confident that our united efforts will continue to be the cornerstone of our success."

Avery Kaufman - Board Chair, Jewish Silicon Valley

"Together we strengthened our community's bonds and stood resolute in our goals to fight antisemitism, foster community connection, grow our resources, and build a solid organizational foundation. We moved with compassion and agility through the past year, forging a stronger and more vibrant future for the year ahead."

Scott Kaufman - Interim CEO, Jewish Silicon Valley


Harnessing the power of community to improve lives, build bridges of understanding, and strengthen the Jewish people, here, in Israel, and around the world.