Leadership & Community:

Jewish Community Relations Council, Silicon Valley

We are proud to serve as advocates for the Jewish community, promoting civil dialogue and embracing diversity. 

Our JCRC SV program serves as educators, fighters of injustice and dedicated to building strong bonds of communication and understanding across multicultural, faith and institutional relationships.

We are committed to achieving the following outcomes:

  • Integrated support through the work of JCRC as a priority initiative to build allies in fighting antisemitism and as the Jewish community’s representative to local schools, interfaith initiatives and governing bodies.
  • A more efficient and integrated Jewish agency ecosystem designed to optimize resources to meet the immediate and long term needs of the South Bay Jewish community.
  • A shared, coherent and inspiring commitment to the Jewish purpose that ties together the work of all regional leaders.
  • A better understanding of who the newcomers to our Jewish community are and more inclusive and impactful community outreach efforts.
  • Excellent, synergistic programmatic efforts that maximize our impact in facilitating experiences, conversations and actions that improve lives, improve relationships and improve communities.
  • Connections between the many disparate Jews in our community, and between Jews and their neighbors, inviting them into a vibrant community which feels united in its diversity.


The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) seeks to be connected to the community in order to amplify our collective voice and concerns.  Feel free to reach out to JCRC staff who are interested in hearing from voices across the community.
Jessica Blitchok, JCRC Director: [email protected]

Our Values

Kehillah (gathering together), Tzedek Tirdof (pursuing justice), Re’ut (mutual respect)

Our Mission

JCRC seeks to teach and apply Jewish values to work toward a more just society and a strong, vibrant Jewish community.

What We Do

  • Build consensus within the organized Jewish community to articulate a shared vision or agreed upon action.
  • Collaborate with government, ethnic, faith and community entities on our focus areas and consensus issues.

Kotarah Cooper

Past Chair:
Eva Lippmann

Rabbinic Representative:
Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz

National JCPA Board Representative:
Marci Gerston

State JPAC Board Representatives:
Jane Jacobson
Dorene Kastelman
Arlene Noodleman

Synagogue and Agency Representatives:
Julia Cinnamon, Congregation Beth David
Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, Cantors & Rabbis Association of Greater San Jose
Marcia Gerston, Temple Emanu-El
Nancy Gerston, Temple Emanu-El
Peter Hoffman, Jewish High Tech Community
Jane Jacobson, Sharone Hadassah
Jerry Marks, Congregation Shir Hadash
Arlene Noodleman, Congregation Emeth
Eric Rosenblum, Congregation Sinai
Heather Rothenberg, Congregation Sinai

Members at Large:
Rob Chaykin
Dorothy Dorsay
Galit Goldenthal
Steve Jackson
Edgardo Laber
Eva Lippmann
Juli Uro-May

Dayenu Circle of Jewish Silicon Valley

Dayenu Circle of Jewish Silicon Valley (DCJSV) is a local group affiliated with Dayenu: A Jewish Call to Climate Action. Like other Dayenu Circles nationwide, we are taking climate action rooted in Jewish values. We collaborate with Dayenu on national climate action and plan our own state and local actions in the Bay Area.