Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)

Jewish Community Relations Council, Silicon Valley (JCRC)


As the JCRC we will:

  • Prioritize the elimination of hate in all its forms through the curation of authentic and deep ally-based relationships;
  • Support the development of a thriving Jewish community in the South Bay by ensuring that Jewish people have a path to engage and a voice on issues that impact this community; and
  • Strive to create a society free of antisemitism through the activation of the Jewish community and our allies.


On behalf of the Jewish community, the JCRC acts to educate, to advocate, and to collaborate with others, toward the promotion of freedom, justice, tolerance and equal opportunity, so as to ensure a strong democracy and vibrant Jewish presence in the Silicon Valley.


Grounded in Jewish values, JCRC convenes, educates and mobilizes the Jewish community to:

  • Advocate on the issues that are core to the safety and well-being of the Jewish community;
  • Build trusted relationships across the community;
  • Act as a resource on Jewish experience and identity;
  • Combat antisemitism, hate, and discrimination; and
  • Stand in solidarity with our partners and allies in support of human rights.

Take Action

    • JCRC Mobilize is for community members ready to take action on causes supporting the Jewish community and furthering the mission of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Jewish Silicon Valley.
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Kehillah (“Congregation”)
Gathering together with shared purpose, caring for other members of the community, and participating in communal celebrations.

Kavod (“Respect”)
Respect for the rights, dignity, feelings, wishes and abilities of others.

Al Tifrosh Min Hatsibur (“Do not separate yourself from the community”)
Solidarity through prioritizing connection within the Jewish community and with the greater Silicon Valley community.

Tzedek Tirdof (“Justice, you shall pursue”)
Pursuing justice and a community in which all are treated equitably, with dignity and respect.

Kotarah Cooper

Past Chair:
Eva Lippmann

Rabbinic Representative:
Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz


Synagogue and Agency Representatives:
Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, Cantors & Rabbis Association of Greater San Jose
Marcia Gerston, Temple Emanu-El
Peter Hoffman, Jewish High Tech Community
Jerry Marks, Congregation Shir Hadash
Arlene Noodleman, Congregation Emeth
Eric Rosenblum, Congregation Sinai
Heather Rothenberg, Congregation Sinai
Michelle Wolf-Bloom, Congregation Shir Hadash

Members at Large:
Rob Chaykin
Dorothy Dorsay
Galit Goldenthal
Steve Jackson
Edgardo Laber
Eva Lippmann
Dorene Kastelman