Light of the Community Spotlight


Meet Sigal, originally from Israel, who has been a shining member of the Jewish Silicon Valley community for over 30 years. As an educator, she has lent her expertise to various Jewish institutions, showcasing her passion for teaching and her dedication to fostering enriching learning environments. Notably, she has served as a docent at the Contemporary Jewish Museum (CJM), leading insightful tours that offer engaging perspectives on Jewish culture.

Dedicated to volunteering her time and knowledge, Sigal has made significant contributions to both the Israeli and American communities. For the past four years, she has delivered captivating art lectures, sharing her profound knowledge and creating safe spaces for learning. Attendees consistently praise her sessions, often returning for more as they appreciate her commitment to delving into intricate details.

Beyond her educational endeavors, Sigal’s volunteerism extends to various impactful initiatives. She generously donates her time to JFCS Peninsula Holocaust Survivors, supports the JFCS pantry, and actively participates in her granddaughter’s public school and her grandson’s Jewish preschool.

“As a child, I saw my parents volunteer. Now, I volunteer throughout my adult years. My children also saw their parents volunteer. Now, they volunteer as well. It’s a way of life.”

Sigal’s unwavering commitment to education, community service, and creating inclusive spaces shines as a guiding light within our community. Her dedication to fostering understanding and her tireless efforts to support multiple causes reflect the true spirit of giving during this season of Hanukkah.