RSJ: Hanukkah Celebration

RSJ: Hanukkah Celebration

It was an amazing event that brought our community together. We got to celebrate Hanukkah, get a breather from all of the news and focus on the positivity. People said: ” This was exactly what was needed right now”. Our community needed a safe space to connect and celebrate the light and miracles of Hanukkah now more then ever.

 The program had 2 parts:

Part one- people had a chance to mingle, while children were doing arts and crafts. We had a fantastic Sand Artist with a show on history of Hanukkah, followed by the big menorah lighting.

Part two- we had a performance that was created specifically for our community about Hanukkah Celebration filled with dances and laughter.

The big part of success were our teens from JLIT program that volunteered in the first part and performed in the second part.