Jewish Identity

Jews are an ethno-religious group. Meaning, a grouping of people unified by a common religious and ethnic background.
  • Someone can be Jewish by descent, or family background, or conversion.
  • Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people. However, you don’t have to practice or believe in Judaism to be Jewish.
  • Jews connect to being Jewish in many ways, including through supporting the state of Israel.
  • Mizrahi Jews (from the Middle East and North Africa) and Sephardic Jews make up over half of Israel’s population. Additionally, there are European Jews, called Ashkenazi, Black Jews, Asian Jews, Ethiopian Jews, Latinx Jews, LGBTQ Jews and many more.
  • Many Jews have intersectional identities and live in interfaith families.

Antisemitism: Is On the Rise


Percentage increase in ADL documented antisemitic incidents of assault, vandalism and harassment across the U.S. in one month (823 cases between Oct. 7th – Nov. 7th 2023).

Myths and tropes that have been used against Jews for centuries.

Power & Control

Claims Jews have outsized power and control over the societies they live in.

Wealth & Greed

Claims Jews are all wealthy and part of how they get wealthy is by being greedy.

Blood Libel

Claims Jews use the blood of non-Jewish children in their religious rituals. This is often expressed as Jews being blood thirsty, rejoicing in deaths of others or being inhumanly ruthless.


Claims Jews are responsible for killing Jesus.

Holocaust Denial

Claims the Holocaust didn’t happen, or it was exaggerated, or Jews were to blame.

Dishonesty & Disloyalty

Claims Jews can’t be trusted. They are more loyal to other Jews or to Israel than the country they live in.

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