Overcoming Time Challenges and Exploring Time-Efficient Workouts

Overcoming time challenges and exploring time-efficient workouts.

September & October can be busy seasons. The struggle to balance work, family, and personal well-being is real. 

The Busy Dilema

Long hours, back to back events, frequent social gatherings – who knew the world could go back to feeling so full so quickly?! While maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a priority, making time feels like an insurmountable challenge.

The conventional thought of putting on all the right gear, getting out the door, and spending an hour or more at the gym is unrealistic for many.

Enter –> Time-Efficient Workouts.

Here are a few examples:

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training: These short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief recovery periods are proven to deliver remarkable fitness in a fraction of the time. HIIT moves and classes are designed to burn calories, boost metabolism, and improve cardiovascular health. 

Pick Three Full Body Moves – Do Them Three Times: Pick moves and workout moves that incorporate the full body for maximum effort. Rowing, TRX-squat to row, and burpees are all great examples of moves that incorporate multiple target areas and get the body and blood flowing in all directions. 

Check-in with a personal trainer. Did you know you get a free Health & Fitness Evaluation with a personal trainer when you join APJCC Los Gatos? They can help you target your workouts to your specific goals. If you are interested in a personalized fitness coach, APJCC Los Gatos Personal Trainers offer 30 and 60-minute workout options.

EMOM (Every minute on the minute) Workouts: Choose 2 exercises (ex: 10 push ups & 20 squats) on the odd minutes, do exercise 1 then rest for the rest of the minute. For even minutes, do exercise 2 then rest for the rest of the minute. Choose your time length and go till you’re done!

AMRAP (As many rounds as possible): Choose 2-4 exercises, a time length, and try to get a maximum amount of rounds done within the time frame.

Don’t let time constraints hold you back. Embrace the power of time-efficient workouts at APJCC Los Gatos and take the first step towards achieving a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.