Spring LiftFest: 2023

LiftFest 2023

Liftfest, an inclusive, positive, and powerful lifting competition for all levels started when the fitness team noticed a growing interested in strength workouts among our members. 

The goal was to bring together a community of people who would never enter into a serious lifting competition, and help connect the growing lifting community.

In the past 2 events, we had 34 total participants and 8 of those participated in both events. Participants ranged from men and women ages 15 to 80 years old. Almost all participants recorded their highest lift numbers.ALL of our participants felt supported and encouraged by onlookers, other participants, and our staff.

  • Once again, thank you to all the physical trainers and staff for the amazing Liftfest 2023. It was such a delight to be a part of it. Everyone is so inclusive and loving. Thanks to Nick for his energy as the host and the PTs (Stephanie, Chris, Justin, Matt and Sharon) and the staff members who were so supportive. Absolutely amazing.
    I shared the video of my sets to my friends and they asked me about the gym, “Wow which gym is this? People are so supportive!
  • An introverted part of me died with everyone watching me lift, but the other part loved the challenge. OMG those big girls lifting those huge heavy weights, wow! Just generally lifting was amazing!” A member to her trainer that encouraged her to sign up ” THANK YOU you are literally saving my life