Mercaz Israeli – Creating a Home Away From Home

In English Mercaz means “the central area of a given space.” Mercaz Israeli is just that. A centralized place for the huge, dispersed Israeli population settled in the South Bay to come together, meet their neighbors, speak their mother tongue, and feel the warm embrace of a shared sense of belonging. Jewish Silicon Valley (JSV) is thrilled to support Mercaz Israeli, as they seek to create memorable experiences, events, and celebrations focused on connecting Israelis, and helping them create a home away from home.

For more than 2,000 Hebrew-speaking adults and children, Mercaz Israeli has provided one of the few local places where they can connect with other Israeli families, celebrate Jewish holidays, and where their kids can meet other Israeli kids. “Our community is very communal, we have a very involved committee that really listens to the needs of the community we serve,” notes Shavit Kaner Levinson, Mercaz Israeli Program Director.

Mercaz Israeli engages families with a wide range of programs. On May 14, 2022, Mercaz Israeli will host their annual Eurovision community watch party live at the Jewish Silicon Valley auditorium. A multicultural event where families from all over the Valley will have the chance to gather and cheer on Israeli and Ukrainian singers in the spirit of fun and solidarity.
Jewish Silicon Valley is proud to support Mercaz Israeli programming that is harnessing the power of community in everything they do – welcoming everyone who wants to participate with an open mind and open arms.

If you would like to support programming that improves lives, builds bridges of understanding, and strengthens the Jewish people here, in Israel, and around the world, donate now.