JSV Women’s Community kicks off new lecture series

Womnen's Lecture - Let's Talk About shit

The JSV Women’s Community kicked off its year-long lecture series on Thursday, September 23, with our first in-person lecture of the year. After a year and a half of social distancing and virtual events, our community was able to come together safely for an evening of powerful dialogue and inspiring storytelling. For JSV, there was no better way to welcome back our members than by inviting Jenessa Schwartz, a life-long community member who has dedicated her career to supporting and educating young people.

Jenessa Schwartz is a mom of two, a surrogate mother, a teacher at Yavneh Day School, and a friend to many in the community and beyond. She is also a cancer THRIVER. In what could be described as a full circle moment, Jenessa, a Yavneh alum herself, joined us on stage at the APJCC to talk about life, death, and s*it in a way that only a recipient of a stage four colon cancer diagnosis could. Jenessa’s story was both hilariously refreshing and heartbreakingly honest as she expertly navigated the waters of colonoscopies, parenthood, and her career as they all pertain to her experience with cancer.

While the overall focus of the evening was on colon cancer and the impact its diagnosis has on an individual’s life, we would be remiss not to share the one thing Jenessa wanted to get out of her participation in the lecture – get screened for colon cancer! A colonoscopy is the only cancer screening that can also serve as a cancer cure, and according to Jenessa, it is the most enjoyable cancer screening experience one could have. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a colonic at a spa when, if you’re over the age of 45, insurance will cover the cost of a colonoscopy? Take Jenessa’s advice: “Learn the symptoms and don’t explain away pain! Talk to your doctor! Listen to your guts!” Talking about s*it could save your life.

We would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to Dr. Aaron Parrish for sharing his extensive knowledge of colorectal cancer and colonoscopies. To learn more or to schedule your potentially life-saving colonoscopy, contact Dr. Parrish at Boulevard Surgical Associates or at sanjosecolorectal.com.

To view a recording of the event, click here.

Our next Women’s Lecture will be on Thursday, November 18. More info coming soon!

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