Join Us for Remembrance and Action

The Silicon Valley Holocaust Remembrance Association needs your help to ensure remembrance of the Shoah (Holocaust) and to promote tolerance of ALL faiths and nationalities in our community. We invite you to join us in encouraging dialogue, education, and creating platforms to foster awreness of ways we can all do our part to diminish hatred or apathy. We ask everyone in the community to take action and make The Silicon Valley a safe and empathetic haven for us and future generations.

 Please contact Maya Tripp if you would like to join our Zoom monthly meetings at [email protected] or 408.357.7492.

We invite you to watch the Silicon Valley Yom Hashoah memorial commemoration.  It was a very impactful and meaningful evening, Starting 35:00, our SVHRA’s representatives are
 participating in a panel: Sophie Weinzimmer, Sophie Duckett, Ruth Litwin and Maya Segev. 

Chaim Holocaust Learning Exhibit

The CHAIM exhibit helps visitors explore questions about genocide, intolerance, and hate through the lens of personal Holocaust stories and histories. The exhibit magnifies contemporary issues, and provides an insight in how to shift attitudes towards embracing acceptance and empathy.

Check out or contact [email protected] if you’d like to set up a tour.