Time To Wake Up by Merlene Howard

Time to Wake Up By Merlene Howard

The following poem originates from our Healthy Aging creative writing class that meets every Thursday.

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In the year 2017, we said goodbye to our first black president. History was made.

Barack Obama is the man for whom the path was paved. 

He joined many, but it all had to start with the one. 
Rosa Park, too tired to stand, was how our boycott began. 

Arthur Ashe won Wimbledon, the only black man as yet.
Serena Williams, on the woman’s side, is the best that you can get. 

Martin Luther King was a powerful, peaceful man whose life was taken.
Come on people, open your eyes: it’s time that we awaken.

This is a fight that we have to win; civil rights and religious freedom belong to all men.

United, we stand, divided we fall, so let’s stand together. 

Love your neighbor as yourself, and in fact, love them better. 

Unite all you nations, unite. This is not the time to fight. Prayer is the way to get it right so let’s be acceptable in God’s sight.