Lilach Wind

Light of the Community Spotlight

Lilach Wind

Meet Lilach Wind, a dedicated member of the JSV Life and Culture committee. Her passion has brought an awe-inspiring exhibit to life, now gracing the 2nd floor of APJCC. Her tireless efforts in research, coordination, design, printing, and installation have culminated in an exhibition titled “The Sunset of October 6th.”

This captivating collection of poignant photographs captures the essence of the Gaza envelope—its people, landscapes, celebrations, and unique way of life—preserving moments as they were before the events of October 7th. Each image reflects the communities, their resilient way of life, experiences, celebrations, and unique landscapes and views.

Lilach’s commitment extends beyond the exhibit itself; she will personally guide visitors through this emotive display, sharing insights and stories that give context and depth to the captured moments.

Additionally, Lilach played a pivotal role in curating the L’Shanah Tova exhibit, a testament to her dedication to showcasing the richness of our community’s culture. Collaborating with Oksana Bar Yosef, she brought forth another remarkable display.

Join us on December 7th at 4pm for a kick-off reception and immersive tour of this remarkable exhibit, an opportunity to delve deeper into the narratives and perspectives encapsulated within these powerful images, courtesy of Lilach Wind’s unwavering dedication and passion.

Lilach’s commitment to preserving and sharing these stories is a shining example of how one person can bring light and depth to our community.