Camp Shalom: Cooking Up Fun

Cooking Up Fun with Camp Shalom

One of the highlights of this year’s break camp has been the journey into the culinary realm. These young chefs have been rolling up their sleeves to create pasta from scratch.

Camp Shalom’s school break camp is buzzing with excitement as campers engage in the art of making pasta from the ground up. From measuring ingredients to kneading the dough, every step is an opportunity for hands-on learning and creativity.

We can’t help but anticipate the excitement and wonder that the next school break camp will bring. Our commitment to providing enriching and diverse experiences for our campers remains steadfast. From culinary escapades like homemade pasta-making to other thrilling activities, we’re eagerly looking forward to the next adventure that awaits. We can’t wait to see the smiles, laughter, and discovery that the next school break camp will undoubtedly spark in the hearts of our young participants. 

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School Break Camps are offered on dates when local schools are closed for a day or two or even a week. Come hang out at the APJCC’s youth lounge, Club J, for a fun-filled day of supervised activities for kids in grades K-5. Crafts, games, sports, playground time, and more.  Join us as we create, explore, play and make new friends!


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