Summer Like a Pro

Summer Like a Pro

One week count down to Camp Shalom!

Shabbat shalom, eager campers!  As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, it’s time to  embark on an adventure filled with laughter, friendship, and endless memories. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first-timer, we are  here to equip you with essential tips and tricks that will ensure your camper has the best summer!

Our counselors guarantee your kid’s day at camp will run smoothly with these tips - so they can have the BEST SUMMER EVER!


Staying hydrated keeps campers feeling their best, physically and mentally, all day long. With one large water bottle, or two smaller bottles, your kiddos will be geared up for any activity, whether it be exercising their brains in a STEAM class, or exercising their bodies in a sport.

Pack a couple extra snacks

Packing a couple extra healthy snacks will ensure your child enjoys every fun moment to its fullest. Snacks high in protein and fiber (think string cheese, peanut butter, fruits, veggies, and whole grains) will sustain your child’s energy throughout the day and prevent those crashes we all know too well. 

SUN SHIELD! Dont forget the sunscreen

Keep your kids protected from those strong summer rays by slathering them up with sunscreen before heading off to camp. We recommend packing an extra sunscreen stick or spray for grease-free applications throughout the day as we venture out on field trips or make a splash at the pool. And don’t forget your kovah (Hebrew for ‘hat’)!

Pack an extra outfit

It isn’t fun if it isn’t a little messy, right? Having an extra set of clothes on standby allows our campers to indulge in every moment without the worry of feeling sticky or smelly (or slimey?) afterward. Campers keep their extra set of clothes in their cubbies throughout the week and return them home each Friday so there’s always a fresh change of clothes in rotation.


This one’s simple – CAMP IS MORE FUN WITH FRIENDS! Camp is where the best childhood memories are made, especially when those memories are with a best friend or two. While it’s inevitable that your child will make plenty of new friends at camp, imagine the impact of having their closest buds already there! The stories, the songs, the made-up languages they’ll spend their summer crafting are lifelong memories they’ll cherish forever.

Space is still available! It isn’t too late to register your child for camp and give them the gift of a memorable summer.