why are you here

Why are you here?
With Michal Shoham

Board Member & Chair of Programs Cabinet

Jewish Silicon Valley and APJCC Los Gatos is our home away from home, Israel, and in so many ways our community has become our family.”

It ...

… Our daughters read the Haggadah in Hebrew after learning about it in Beged Kefet.

… Our oldest daughter expressed her anticipation to turn 12 so she can attend the teen party with friends.

… I was out for a ladies night and I hear another mom saying PJ Library/Tami’s family center saved her sanity and changed her life as a mom.

… During my doctor’s appointment, my new doctor recognizes my Israeli background and shares that her daughter attends Yavneh, and speaks fluent Hebrew. She reveals that their decision to choose Yavneh was influenced by their positive experience with our preschool during the pandemic, solidifying their belief that this was the perfect place for their family, despite not being Jewish themselves.

… I asked our daughters to help me find an object that represents JSV for a board members retreat and my 8 years old immediately draws a house, and my 11 years old brings a small wooden house to take without even talking about it.

“where else could I find this?”


For Michal, the JSV community holds a special place in her and her families heart. The many moments that are linked to JSV and APJCC have made her think.

“Why Are you Here?” is a new series featuring Jewish Silicon Valley community members. There are so many incredible stories out there, and we want to share them.

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