Pickleball players

Pickleball: Why is it Such a #Bigdill?

What do you get when you combine elements of badminton, tennis, and ping pong? You get one of the fastest growing sports in America: Pickleball.


Pickleball has risen in popularity over the course of the pandemic and created quite the frenzy. 

The simplicity of the sport and its rules make it an enjoyable activity for those of all ages, whether they want a new and fun hobby, or to become a competitive player.

It is also a great way to socialize and create community since it can be played with singles or doubles.

The shorter court lends itself to the social aspect of the game, allowing for more of a community feel and the opportunity for players to chat with each other while playing if they wish. Pickleball is the perfect game to bond with family and friends or make new connections, all while having fun!

Pickleball is not only easy with its rules, but also easy on the muscles.

Because pickleball is less intensive than most sports, it allows for less strain on joints and muscles. This makes it a great way to be active for those dealing with hip, knee and other joint injuries.  It can be a fast-paced game, but the shorter court allows for less running and strenuous activity.

It just keeps getting better, because only 3 things are needed to play: pickleball paddles, a pickleball (similar to a wiffle ball), and a net.

That’s it!  Those who enjoy tennis will love pickleball and can enjoy the break that this less intensive game provides. 

Want to give this fun sport a try? Come to our pickleball kickoff here at the JCC Los Gatos on August 10th and August 12th! Players of all levels are welcome, and our very own Susan Sweedler will be there to help beginners. Click here to learn how to register for the event!