Together at a Distance

Building a Sense of Community through In-Person, Outdoor Group Fitness

By Else Green, Certified Fitness Instructor, February 2021

Are you considering coming back to the gym, but feeling you need the motivation of classes and supportive energy around you? Do you find yourself looking for something to add to your fitness routine as you ease back into fitness after months at home? Maybe you’re itching to bump up a level of already established healthy habits. The APJCC’s Outdoor Fitness Classes are tailor made for you.

Group Fitness is BACK here at the APJCC in our outdoor fitness area. This is our way of keeping our community moving safely together and enjoying the energy and motivation of one another. There’s a variety of classes for you to choose from. Even though its a GROUP fitness class with an instructor, music and motivation, each individual pod is distanced safely and taped off. Equipment is regularly sanitized. All you need to bring is a mat, a towel, a reusable water container, and your curiosity. This is a perfect time to return to the things you know or branch out into a new arena of movement.

If you’re feeling hesitant around this being a fit for you, remember each class is taught by a certified instructor. Along with exercise and encouragement, these teachers offer modifications in a group setting so you can adjust to your own level of fitness. Many of us are back to square one in our fitness and instructors are able to present progressions and regressions so you can make your workout your own.

Group Fitness is a way to get yourself moving again, be under the group guidance of a trained professional, and feel energized by those around you. We are built to be connected to one another, and this is a healthy, active and engaging environment to feel the support of the J community again.

Our biggest motivator is your health and safety. Some of these classes will be live streamed as well, so if you are not ready to return in-person, you can tune in from your home and get a sense of the flow of these classes and how it suits you. If you’re an APJCC member, check your MyJ app to sign up. If you’re not a member, email [email protected] for more information, or call 408.356.4973.

APJCC Outdoor Group Fitness Classes

See the complete schedule of in-person and virtual classes at

30 Spin/30 Strength – A 30-minute effective spin workout that gets your sweat on, followed by 30 minutes of a full-body strength workout using weights. Bring a mat and water.

ZUMBA with Judy -Start off your morning with a dance workout party on the tennis courts! The mix of Latin, top 40 and Hip Hop music keeps you energized.

HARDCORE HIIT with Chris -This High Intensity Interval Training class is a full-body cardio workout that incorporates strength and stability. All levels welcome!

CARDIO STRENGTH with Luciana – Join Luciana on the tennis courts where she will utilize weights for a strength-building workout! If the weather is accommodating, some cardio may be incorporated as well. No matter what, Luciana will give you a tough workout! Bring your own mat, towel, water and sunscreen!

EVENING SPIN CLASSES with Jen – What a way to unwind from a day at work, online learning, or another homebound day. Classes are inspiring and energizing, and a great way to build leg strength and heart health.

PILATES REFORMER CLASSES with Else – Using the Allegro Reformer, a full-body workout focusing on core strength and spinal mobility. This is a great addition to your running, golfing, hiking, cycling, swimming or skiing activities as it provides focused joint and muscle movement that keeps your bones aligned. No previous Pilates experience required. There is an extra charge for this class.

SPIN AND CORE with Else – Don’t let the name scare you. Being on a bike is a great way to safely build leg strength and knee support without impact. We will spend 45 minutes cycling through a variety of speeds and inclines. Participants manage their resistance so the intensity is up to you. We will spend the last 10 minutes on the ground working in core strength so bring your mat.