Monthly Ongoing Tzedaka

Join us in making our tribe as strong as possible!


A gift of Monthly Ongoing Tzedakah will go to the Jewish Federation's Annual Campaign. Our annual campaign supports Jewish life in Silicon Valley and in over 70 countries, including Israel.


All communities exist and flourish with the support of their members and we would like to invite you to be a Member of the Tribe. The tribe of Jews who support community financially through monthly giving, ensuring that our community has all the resources needed to succeed.


The Federation supports Jewish organizations and projects, as well as creating opportunities for our community members. From supporting transportation and social programs for seniors to funding leadership opportunities for teenagers, every Federation dollar is allocated by a committee of thoughtful community members and spent with the utmost care.


Your donation to the Federation ensures that each dollar you donate goes as far as possible to support Jewish life.

Why sign up for MOT?


We know you want to help those in need and we appreciate that you are choosing to make us a part of your philanthropic plans. We'd like to express our gratitude by extending special perks for MOT members:


  • Special opportunities throughout the year
  • Discounted tickets to select events
  • Public acknowledgement of your gift




What is monthly giving?


Monthly giving is an automatic monthly donation to the Jewish Federation. You tell us how much you would like to donate, type in your credit card details and each month you support your Jewish community!


How much do I need to give to participate?


There is no minimum or maximum gift to participate in monthly giving. All we ask is that you make a donation that is meaningful to you.


Where does my money go?


The Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley provides financial support and other resources for dozens of organizations and programs in Silicon Valley. In addition, we support Jewish life in over 70 countries, including Israel. 


How do I sign up?


Click here to begin your monthly gift. Thank you for supporting our Silicon Valley Jewish Tribe!