Congregation Shir Hadash


Shir Hadash is an evolving, vibrant, growing Reform Jewish congregation dedicated to providing a vital Jewish life, spiritual growth, and a sense of community for its members. Our name means "New Song," and as a congregation we become a community through prayer, song, Jewish learning, and caring for one another. Our founders were dedicated to providing a welcoming place for Jews and interfaith couples of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and identities. We are proud to continue that tradition as we move forward.


Founded in 1980, our congregation today serves the educational and spiritual needs of more than 600 families. As our membership has grown, so too has our staff and facilities. Through the foresight and generosity of our congregation, we now have a growing pre-school, which opened in 2009.


Congregation Shir Hadash believes that we have obligations not only to provide community for our members but to reach out into the worls at large through individual and communal acts of gemilut chasadim (loving kindness), tzedekah (righteous giving) and tikkun olam (repairing the world).


Congregation Shir Hadash is proud to be part of a regional effort to support the work of the Reform movement around the world and to join together in interfaith networks with other Silicon Valley congregations from a variety of faiths.


"Planting" for our future


Inspiring our commitment to planned giving is the Talmudic tale of Honi the Circle Drawer and the planting of the fig tree. One day Honi was out in his garden clearing a space for a new fig tree. A Roman soldier passing by saw him and questioned what he was doing. "I am planting a fig tree," Honi told him. "Well, old man," said the soldier, "just think how long it takes a fig tree to produce fruit. Will you really get to taste any of the fruit from this tree?"


Honi replied, "I enjoyed the fruit in my lifetime because of others who planted before me. Now I plant so that others may enjoy the fruit of my efforts."


L'dor, v'dor, the transmission of values from generation to generation is an ancient theme in our history. When we study Torah, we say: Masseh Avot ilman Lebanim, the actions of the past generations are a sign for future generations.


Planned giving is one way that our actions live on as a legacy, and provide a model for future generations. Our gifts are a way to "pay forward" the gifts that we received from those that came before us. And we can take joy in knowing that we have planted for the next generation...a living legacy.


Making a planned gift makes you a permanent partner with Shir Hadash to help ensure the long term viability and stability of our synagogue.


Numerous options are available that include bequests made as part of a will; life income gifts via Cheritable Remainder Trusts and Unitrusts; naming Shir Hadash as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy; or outright gifts of cash, appreciated property, or securities. Your legacy gift continues your role as a pillar in the Temple community and will ensure our stability for the next generation.


 For more information, please contact Rabbi Melanie Aron at (408) 358-1751 x4 or