To come together as a Jewish community to help you ensure that your wishes for this Jewish community extend beyond your lifetime. By working together, we aim to create an environment where more people are aware of doing tzedaka through estate planning, helping your chosen organizations in the Silicon Valley Jewish Community, increasing their strength for generations to come.


Which Jewish experiences do you most cherish?


The taste of apples and honey at Rosh Hashana? Your first trip to Israel? Dancing the hora at a family bar mitzvah? In one way or another, you’ve no doubt enjoyed the warmth, closeness, traditions and support of a vibrant Jewish community throughout your life. Once you are gone, who will keep these traditions alive and thriving for future generations?


Jewish tradition teaches that one of our key responsibilities is to make the world a better place for future generations. Chances are you already donate generously to one of Silicon Valley’s Jewish Community agencies. But have you considered including our Jewish Community as part of your legacy, so you can continue to make a difference for generations to come?


The Silicon Valley Jewish Community Legacy Projects aims to ensure that you can provide for future generations of our community beyond your lifetime. As a partnership with the local Jewish community agencies, we will help you find the organization you feel most comfortable giving to and provide assistance along the way.


For more information on the project or to learn how you can create your own legacy, please contact our Senior Development Director, Jerami Shecter at 408.357.7503 or jerami@jvalley.org