The goal of the Jewish Federation scholarship program is to provide assistance to families whose circumstances require it. Our scholarship procedure helps ensure fairness and confidentiality for all applicants.


A scholarship is dollars given on your behalf towards program fees. This gift is not expected to be repaid. Scholarship dollars are limited and available awards are determined each fiscal year. 


For all scholarship applications, please remit current tax returns and W-2s to

Teen Israel Trips


Apply for a Teen Israel Trip Scholarship. Applications are accepted year-round.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please do not hesitate to contact the Jewish Federation at (408) 358-3033 or 

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New Opportunity!


Teen Leadership Grants 

Adult advisors and/or Rabbis can nominate up to two teen leaders each year! 


Nominees should be:

  • identified emerging leader (8th-10th grade)
  • current leader stepping into an executive leadership role (11th-12th grade)
  • affiliated with an organized local teen programs (NFTYUSYBBYO, etc.) 


Nominated teens will be asked to submit a written (300-400 words) or video (2-3 minutes) essay answering one of these prompts:

  • Where do they think the Jewish world is heading?
  • What is the biggest challenge for the Jewish community?
  • Whose Jewish leadership style do they admire most and why?


Awards will range from $300- $600 to attend a regional or national convention of their affiliated program.  Answers will be judged on cohesiveness of their idea and not necessarily on the content of their presentation.


To submit a nomination, please email Jyl Jurman at or call (408) 358-3033 with any questions.