Jewish Federation & Addison-Penzak JCC


July 22, 2020



Why is the merger happening?

This is an exciting opportunity for everyone in the community to enjoy a stronger, more unified, and highly inclusive Jewish space that will continue to enrich Jewish life in Silicon Valley. Our goal is to serve as a convener of local Jewish leadership and as a bridge to participation across agencies for those seeking a Jewish communal experience. The merger will allow us to better respond to the evolving needs of our growing Jewish community and strengthen philanthropic support. By bringing together the resources of the Addison-Penzak JCC and Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley, we will create a more efficient, unified organization with a singular mission for greater community impact.


When is the merger happening?

The merger requires ratification by the respective boards of both the APJCC and Jewish Federation, followed by a vote of the membership. We expect these to take place in late summer and mid-fall.


What do the leadership boards look like with the new merger?

The board of the new entity will consist of an equal number of members from each of the agency’s current boards, along with the same number of newly elected board members from the community.


How does the Federation hope to be a part of the merger?

The new entity will remain committed to providing for the needs of the Jewish community locally and abroad through philanthropic support of partner agencies,

as the Federation has done in the past. Federation programs such as PJ Library and Jewish Community Relations Council will also continue under the merged organization’s auspices.


What are the vision and mission of the new organization?

Our vision is to “harness the power of community to improve lives, build bridges of understanding, and strengthen the Jewish people here, in Israel, and around the world.”

Our mission is “to ensure a vibrant Jewish community in Silicon Valley and promote the well-being of all people by providing visionary leadership, philanthropic support, and meaningful programs and experiences that are rooted in Jewish values and traditions.”


How financially solvent will the merger be?

While no one can predict the ultimate impact of the COVID pandemic on economic conditions in the future, the decision to merge the organizations was made from a position of mutual strength. The merger will allow us to streamline our operations and combine resources to serve the community most efficiently and to steward the community’s assets responsibly.


How will donations be handled?

Once the merger is complete, all donations will be made to the new entity.


Where will our money go?

All donations made to the new entity will continue to go toward the work previously being done by Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley and the APJCC to strengthen and enhance Jewish life locally, in Israel, and around the world.


Are the two entities combining financially as well?

Except for things relating to the Levy Family Campus, the Jewish Federation will fully merge with the APJCC into one new entity -- including staff, finances and fund development.


In the future, will other entities fall underneath the merger?

While that is unknown at this time, we look forward to working with other Jewish organizations in the South Bay to support the entire community.


Why did Jyl Jurman leave?

Jyl made the decision to retire after 32 years of service to our community, and we wish her all the best. The timing of her retirement was decided by Jyl herself two years ago.


Did Lael Gray come into her role as CEO of the APJCC expecting to become interim CEO of the Jewish Federation and oversee a merger?

Yes. Lael accepted her position with the awareness that a merger was planned.


Given that the APJCC and Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley do different work in the community, how will these programs and services continue under the new entity?

The new entity will continue to provide the same great programs and services that our community has come to rely on. The APJCC will serve as the programmatic arm of the new entity, and the Jewish Community Relations Council will continue its outreach activities on behalf of the local Jewish community. The activities of Jewish Federation will also continue under the auspices of the new entity to provide support locally, in Israel, and around the world.


How will you be more effective as one organization than as two separate organizations?

The new entity will provide donors, newcomers, and the entire Jewish community with one clearly defined point of entry to participate in and support Jewish life in Silicon Valley.


Who will own and manage the campus?

The campus will be owned by a new entity -- Levy Family Campus -- with its own board of directors. The Levy Family Campus entity will manage the day to day operations of the campus.



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