Archives: Impact Stories

Archives: Impact Stories

Helaine’s Story

“I think what we find, as volunteers, is when we give a little of ourselves, we get so much back in return.”

Allan’s Story

“By taking programs like Jewbilee online, we break down barriers in the Jewish world.”

Yonit’s Story

“I knew immediately this was the place where my children would organically develop into who they are, make friends, express themselves, explore new ideas, and be surrounded by warmth and tender care.”

Sarah’s Story

Sarah often goes hungry… It’s unconscionable to think that anyone has to live this way. But even more heartbreakingly, Sarah is a Holocaust survivor. She has lived without food, medical care, and a safe place to live in the past.

Debra’s Story

“Whenever we were about to leave the house, my anxiety would kick in. I kind of became a prisoner in my own home.”

The Fuks Family’s Story

“I wanted to let you know how much impact the Russian-Speaking Jewish Program has had on myself and my family. It is not easy to preserve Jewish identity in modern American society.”

Lara and Joey Panish

For Lara and Joey Panish, sending their two daughters to the APJCC Preschool was a big step in their journey as an Interfaith couple.

Inna and Torah

Studying Torah was something Inna could not do as a child in Odessa, Ukraine.

Lilia and Vlad

Lilia and Vlad have transitioned from receiving help as new immigrants to giving help to others through Russian-Speaking Jewish Programs.