Building Relationships & Connecting Communities


That's what the Jewish Community Relations Council does. We are proud to serve as advocates for the Jewish community, promoting tolerance and cultural diversity.  We are educators, fighters of injustice and dedicated to building strong bonds of communication and understanding between the Jewish community and other faith-based communities in Silicon Valley.


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This month, Here & Now focuses on the upcoming 2019 elections in Israel.

Our Values:


Kehillah (gathering together), Tzedek Tirdof (pursuing justice), Re'ut (mutual respect)


Our Mission:


The Community Relations Council seeks to teach and apply Jewish values to work toward a more just society and a strong, vibrant Jewish community.


What We Do:


• Build consensus within the organized Jewish community to articulate a shared vision or agreed upon action.

• Collaborate with government, ethnic, faith and community entities on our focus areas and consensus issues.

United Against Hate

Thank you to our interfaith community for your support and love -- Together We Are Stronger

Talking to Your Kids: Resources for Tough Conversations


Recent events such as the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting often require tough conversations with our kids.  These resources from PJ Library and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) may provide help for these conversations.

For Young Children: From PJ Library

How to Talk to Children About Scary Situations

How to Talk to Children about Anti-Semitism

How to Talk to Kids About Pittsburgh


For Teens: From the ADL

Gun Violence and Mass Shootings

Empowering Young People in the Aftermath of Hate

Anti-Semitic Incidents: Being an Ally, Advocate and Activist


    Sikh Community stands the Jewish community in the wake of the deadliest attack on Jews in the history of US. We gathered at SJ City Hall in solidarity with our Jewish community and spoke against hate.

Jewish and Muslim Communities Share 20 Year Relationship



Maha Elgenaidi, ING, and Rabbi Melanie Aron, Congregation Shir Hadash

Diane Fisher, director of the JCRC, recently sat down to speak with Rabbi Melanie Aron, senior rabbi of Congregation Shir Hadash, and Maha Elgenaidi, executive director and founder of ING (Islamic Networks Group).  These three women bring a wealth of experience working to bring interfaith people together in a common cause. 


To read their interview, click the button below.