Izzy's Brooklyn Bagels

477 South California Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94306

P: (650) 329-0700

Mon. - Thurs.  6am - 5pm

Friday 6am - 4pm

Sat & Sun. 7am - 3pm

On a crisp autumn morning in 1996, Izzy awoke at the crack of dawn to begin fulfilling his dream of recreating a family recipe and bringing to Palo Alto, California the authentic bagels he had loved in Brooklyn, where he had spent his most impressionable years. He boiled the bagels, rolled them in seeds, and baked them to a golden-brown gloss. He whipped fresh cream cheese until it surrendered a rich creaminess. With trembling hands, he assembled the perfect bagel sandwich. Today, Izzy's Brooklyn Bagels offers the flavors of Brooklyn fresh every day. When you visit Izzy's, you may get the feeling you're in one of those places that's “always been there.” That was the idea, the way we want you to feel.

Supervised by the Vaad Hakashrus of Northern California