Cantors and Rabbis Association of Greater San Jose (CRAGSJ)

The Cantors and Rabbis Association of Greater San Jose (CRAGSJ) is an organization supporting the Jewish clergy of the Silicon Valley in their work on behalf of the greater Jewish community. Our group is composed of rabbis and cantors ordained from across the spectrum of Jewish life and observance, and with kavod (honor), we recognize each other as equal partners as representatives of the Jewish community.

CRAGSJ members serve in synagogues, communal organizations, and elsewhere throughout the community. We also serve as a resource for Jewish Silicon Valley in its work to engage, care for, and ensure the future of the Jewish People. Each of us seeks to enrich Jewish lives and our communities spiritually and educationally.

As an association, our role is to:

Serve the Needs of Colleagues:

  • Promote rabbinic and cantorial collegiality among all of the religious streams of Judaism in Silicon Valley
  • Provide local opportunities to continue learning Torah together and growing professionally
  • Provide support for clergy regarding personal and institutional issues

Act as a Religious Resource in Communal and Individual Affairs:

  • Provide a religious voice for the community in matters of moral concern and raise the level of conversation on difficult issues
  • Provide counseling and direction for inquiries regarding clergy, synagogues, and religious needs
  • Work with area agencies (Jewish and non-Jewish) to provide a Jewish presence

Build Connections and Commitment to the Jewish community:

  • Use our broad reach to increase involvement of Jews in religious and communal life
  • Help Jews see their current lives through a Jewish lens
  • Enact Tikkun Olam (acts of kindness to repair the world) in our community
  • Collaborate at various opportunities throughout the year for worship as a greater community

To contact the CRAGSJ chair or more information, contact Rabbi Hugh Seid-Valencia at 408.357.7413 or [email protected].

The Northern California Board of Rabbis also serves our region.