Convening Leadership

The leadership and community relations department is committed to achieving the following outcomes: 

  • Integrated support through the work of JCRC as a priority initiative to build allies in fighting antisemitism and as the Jewish community’s representative to local schools, interfaith initiatives and governing bodies.
  • A more efficient and integrated Jewish agency ecosystem designed to optimize resources to meet the immediate and long term needs of the South Bay Jewish community.
  • A shared, coherent and inspiring commitment to the Jewish purpose that ties together the work of all regional leaders.
  • A better understanding of who the newcomers to our Jewish community are and more inclusive and impactful community outreach efforts.
  • Excellent, synergistic programmatic efforts that maximize our impact in facilitating experiences, conversations and actions that improve lives, improve relationships and improve communities.
  • Connections between the many disparate Jews in our community, and between Jews and their neighbors, inviting them into a vibrant community which feels united in its diversity.
community gathering at table