2 2020

"Lot in Life" A Modern Biblical Play by Doug Brooks

3:00PM - 4:15PM  

Sanborn Park

"Lot in Life" – A Modern Biblical Play
Sunday, August 2, 3:00 - 4:15 p.m.
A different kind of classic! “Lot in Life” is a modern, comedic retelling of the biblical tale of Abraham's nephew Lot, by Doug Brook, who Beth David members have heard Torah Read and sermonize for years. Performed by Silicon Valley Shakespeare, who many Beth David members have enjoyed for years at nearby Sanborn Park.
About the play: As a rabbi presents the biblical tale of Lot, his wife steps out of the story to show what really happened. Lot’s Wife reveals the unabridged story as untold by the Bible, from her own salty perspective. Free to the public! Register at