17 2019

Family Day of Code, Tinkering and Play - 6.0

11:30AM - 3:00PM  

Yavneh Day School 14855 Oka Road
Los Gatos, CA 95123

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The Family Day of Code, Tinkering and Play 6.0 invites you to learn from STEAM pioneers such as: Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and even King Solomon!

Your family too can make long lasting contributions that will create meaningful impacts to our society and the world!

As always the program will feature stations and hands-on activities that will allow you to put your creativity in action. In addition, interactive coding sessions will inspire children to create their own stories, games and animations.

New this year:
- all new tinkering stations inspired by STEAM geniuses of the past (PreK-4th grade)!
- escape room and robotics sessions (5th-8th grade)!
- Family Challenge- City of Cards: help build an entire city using cards only! (everyone!)

As always, the coding sessions and tinkering stations will be grade/age specific. Tinkering activity time will include opportunities for self-initiated creative projects using a vast array of materials as well as more structured activities such as a station where children can make their own working robot. The family challenge will offer families and friends the opportunity to work together to build a full size city of cards.

Space is limited for escape room and robotics sessions. Sign up soon to guarantee a space.

The schedule of the day offers three 45-minute rotations for each age group.

Kids from PreK and Kindergarten will rotate among: Tinkering Stations, Coding Session (or Lego/Magnatiles play) and Family Challenge.

Kids from 1st-4th grade will rotate among: Tinkering Stations, Coding Session and Family Challenge.

Kids from 5th-8th grade will rotate among: Robotics, Escape Room and Family Challenge (if we run out of space for Robotics and/or the Escape Room; students will choose between the tinkering stations or a coding session).

Open to all - Invite your friends! Adults are required to stay with children during sessions. This is a family event for families with children aged PreK to 8th grade! Students from 5th-8th grade don’t need a responsible adult with them.

The Family Day of Code, Tinkering and Play 6.0 is offered at no charge to participants (including a light lunch, coding sessions, tinkering stations, family challenge, escape room, robotics sessions and creative play).

Please bring your own laptop or tablet (not for PreK and Kindergarten families).
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Sponsor: Yavneh Day School