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Day 5

By Arielle Hendel

We spent the morning in Auschwitz going through the camp in more detail with a remarkable guide, Aggie.  She is a Catholic Pole who has her MA in History and Jewish Studies.  Aggie shared that because the ashes of the prisoners were scattered all over the camp, that w…

Day 4

By Arielle Hendel

We started our day a little later around 8:30 am to see The Schindler Factory.  I think I speak for everyone in the group when I say, we did not expect the kind of museum that we saw.  I was expecting to see the factory -- like a scene from the movie -- a large wareho…

Thousands participated in the March of the Living to remember Holocaust

Shared from JTA

Young people from at least 45 countries visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex of concentration camps on Yom Hashoah.

(JTA) — Thousands of young people from at least 45 countries participated in the March of the Living in Poland at the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex…

Day #3

By Arielle Hendel

As I mentioned, last night we toured Old Lublin which included walking through the Brama Grodzska -- the city gate closest to the castle. Little did we know that when we returned today what a treasure we would find in the walls of the gate. We met our guide, Magda, at 9…

Day 2

By Arielle Hendel

Well, today was the day I was dreading for the entire planning of the trip.  We went to Majdanek -- but as our tour guide in Lublin today Kristof said, I will get to that later.

We started our day at the Lauder School with a brief sighting of our Teens' March of th…