Preparing for the unexpected

By Jyl Jurman

As California residents we are all too aware of the impact of unexpected moments. Earthquakes, one of the many naturally occurring tragedies that can occur, come without alerts or warnings. While our friends in other areas may get impending news of tsunamis, snowstorms and tornadoes, the tremors experienced in California are always a surprise.

While we don't know when they will hit, we know that eventually they always do. The quake in Napa last week was felt by many people throughout Northern California and was a stark reminder that "better safe than sorry" is always a good policy.

As we begin our preparations for Rosh Hashanah, I would like to encourage each of us to also prepare for the unexpected in life. Having emergency water and food supplies, as well as batteries, blankets, etc. is always a good idea. In addition, make sure that your home is as "earthquake safe" as it can be and that your family has an action plan in case of disaster.

Below are a few sites with tips and suggestions for being prepared. Please remember that the Levy Family Campus here in Los Gatos is a Red Cross designated emergency site and our doors are always open to those in need of a safe space during times of disaster.

PG&E Earthquake Safety Resources's Earthquake Page
Red Cross Earthquake Preparedness


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