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The Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley is the voice of the South Bay’s Jewish community. Through philanthropic and advocacy efforts, the Jewish Federation provides funding, leadership and a strong voice on behalf of the Jewish population.

The Jewish community is made up of a wide array of ethnic and national backgrounds, including Russia, Africa, Asia, Israel, and from throughout Europe. The Jewish population is deeply embedded in the wider Silicon Valley community. We’re civic minded, place a high value on education, have a taste for the finer things (from food to vehicles to home accessories), and are particularly loyal to brands. The South Bay’s Jewish community is cosmopolitan. We’re innovative. We’re first adopters of new technology and new ideas.  We’re parents and professionals and students and senior citizens. 

The Jewish Federation is the most direct way to connect with one of Silicon Valley’s most successful cultural communities. Judaism embraces a wide spectrum of religious observance, from orthodox to reform and everything in between. Being Jewish isn’t just about what we believe, it’s about who we are.

jvalleymagazine is the Federation’s primary means of communication. Published six times per year, the print edition has a per-issue readership of over 50,000. The online version is accessed thousands of times. The Jewish Federation’s information network includes a vibrant social media following, email engagement and participation in events such as the Silicon Valley Jewish Music Festival and the internationally-renowned Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival.

jvalleymagazine is delivered free to Silicon Valley’s Jewish community. It’s available throughout the Levy Family Campus community center located in the heart of the South Bay, visited by upwards of 14,000 people each month. Plus it’s available online. Your advertising investment targets each of these coveted audiences. Each issue highlights in-depth storytelling about life and the world as seen through a Jewish lens. We’re also deeply embedded in the wider Silicon Valley community. We’re integral parts of tech, healthcare, corporate management, finance, education, government and law enforcement. The Jewish community leads the way in innovation and discovery. And there is no better way to reach this audience than by advertising in jvalleymagazine.

Print readership of 50,000 (plus large digital audience)

Diverse, educated & cosmopolitan readers

Brand-loyal audience

Engaged & involved community

Exclusive distribution network where the Jewish population goes

The Bay Area's ONLY Jewish magazine

An exceptional advertising value

jvalleymagazine is the print and digital voice of the South Bay’s Jewish community. The print edition has a readership of over 50,000 in San Jose, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Cupertino, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Los Altos, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, with the digital edition accessed thousands of times.

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JULY 2017 - "Back To School"

Submission Deadline: July 5
Publication Date: July 29

SEPTEMBER 2017 - "High Holidays"
Submission Deadline: August 29
Publication Date: September 23

NOVEMBER 2017 - "Gratitude"
Submission Deadline: October 17
Publication Date: November 18

JANUARY 2018 - "Schools & Camps"
Submission Deadline: January 3
Publication Date: January 27

MARCH 2018 - "Passover"
Submission Deadline: February 27
Publication Date: March 24

MAY 2018 - "Graduations"
Submission Deadline: May 1
Publication Date: May 26