JPAC Summit – Values in Action

JPAC Capital Summit - Values in Action

Last month, Jewish Community Relations Council Director, Jessica Blitchok, represented Jewish Silicon Valley at the annual Jewish Public Affairs Committee Capital Summit in Sacramento. 

The JPAC Capital Summit, brought together 32 Jewish organizations, and provided an opportunity for California’s Jewish Caucus, community members, and allies to learn, network, and advocate for our community’s priorities.

500 people attended the summit and took 106 meetings with lawmakers and elected officials, up from 300 attendees last year. 

“Antisemitism has risen astronomically since October 7 and the Jewish community is feeling more vulnerable and alone than ever. Being in a room with 500 people all fighting to keep the Jewish community safe is impactful and validating,” said Blitchok.

Jewish Silicon Valley is a general member of JPAC. During the Summit, Blitchok helped facilitate a 45 minute meeting with leaders from some of the largest Jewish organizations in the state and members of the Governor’s cabinet. At the meeting, participants described the impact that current events are having on the safety and security of the entire Jewish community and especially on the well-being of our children on campuses in our community and across the country.

“California is a trendsetter,” said Blitchok. “Supporting initiatives like the Golden State Plan to Combat Anti-Semitism is good not just for the state, but for the entire country.

The Summit also provided an opportunity for attendees to share their personal experiences. 

“It is very important to tell our stories and to connect with our lawmakers on a personal level. Through sharing our stories we have an opportunity for transformative connection. It’s the personal stories that stand out and motivate,” said Blitchok. ‘It’s the reason why.”

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Next steps 

Jewish Silicon Valley believes we have three distinct roles in the fight against antisemitism. Joyful, robust, unapologetic Jewish celebration; bringing people to the table and meeting them face to face in meaningful dialogue from inside and outside our community; and elevating Jewish voices and testimonies.

Our collaborative work and support of JPAC and other important Jewish community partners is crucial to the vibrant future of our people.  Alongside JPAC, we will continue to lobby around these crucial issues. We invite you to lift up your voice and tell your story.  

For tips on how to meet with your local lawmakers, click here.