Operation Dignity: Honoring the Past. Supporting our future.

Operation Dignity: Honoring the past, Supporting our future

Jewish Silicon Valley and Jewish Family Service join to honor and always remember the incredible courage of the Holocaust Survivors. 

Over 250 Holocaust Survivors currently live in Silicon Valley are just above or below the poverty line. It is our obligation to provide them with the assistance they deserve. 

Please join us to fulfill our commitment to remember those that we have lost, and give dignity to those who remain. Together, let’s ensure that the needs of Silicon Valley’s Holocaust Survivors are met. 


Every dollar donated to Operation Dignity will be matched by the Joseph Gringlas National KAVOD SHEF 2023 Fund. Funds raised will go towards the most urgent of needs:

  • Food and utilities
  • Purchase of a critical appliance (Refrigerator, stove, or microwave to replace non-working one) 
  • A month or more payment of rent or mortgage to avoid eviction
  • Needed home repairs such as: roof, plumbing, etc. 
  • Medical Expenses, Hearing Aids, Medication, Home Health Assistance 
  • Managed Care
  • and more….


Give now through April 18th and We will post your tribute on our Operation Dignity Virtual Wall, which will be housed on the JFS and JSV websites.

Help ease our beloved Holocaust Survivors’ lives with dignity and a continued sense of hope. 

Please donate today by clicking here.