Sarah’s Story

Sarah* is 83 years old, living on a Social Security budget of $931 a month. Rent alone costs $680, so the remaining $251 must cover all her other needs. When she has an unexpected expense — glasses, dental work, transportation to a doctor’s appointment — something has to give… and Sarah often goes hungry.

It’s unconscionable to think that anyone has to live this way. But even more heartbreakingly, Sarah is a Holocaust survivor. She has lived without food, medical care, and a safe place to live in the past.

In Silicon Valley, there are currently 226 Holocaust survivors, many of whom are on fixed incomes and live below the poverty line, like Sarah. That’s why Jewish Silicon Valley partnered with Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley to launch Operation Dignity, a special campaign to provide for the emergency needs of local Holocaust survivors. Through the generous support of our community, and a matching gift from KAVOD SHEF in partnership with Seed the Dream Foundation, we were able to provide emergency relief to Sarah, as well as many other survivors.

The funding from Operation Dignity, enabled Jewish Family Services to help Sarah with housing stipends, food packages, and supermarket gift cards. She’s grateful for the community’s support in making sure survivors like herself don’t have to choose between hunger and vital health care needs.

To help more survivors like Sarah, click here to donate.

*Name changed to preserve confidentiality.